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faehoney asked: Hello, I was wondering about 2 things, what is the academic environment like at UOT (cut-throat? Relaxed?) and are there a lot of international students?


I wouldn’t say it’s cutt-throat because people aren’t competitive with each other so much because of the class sizes and all. However, people are very intense about studying and tend to be diligent about that. A lot of people party hard and study hard. But in my experience, people aren’t out to get you for your grades. Not sure how competitive it gets down the road with smaller programs but that’s how it is the first few years. 

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Anonymous asked: They say you can't attend a first class and then decide if you like it, but lets be real. Campus is huge. Classes are huge. Will anyone notice or care if I show up to some classes to see if I like it?


no, they won’t notice UNLESS it is a small class. In those, they take attendance

— 5 months ago
Anonymous asked: What are some of the main courses at UofT? I know it's massively famous for it's medical courses, but is there anything else?


it’s quite well known for a bunch of departments. it’s english department, it’s poll-sci department, business, engineering, you name it

— 7 months ago
"There’s an endless sea of distraction before me. How do I not drown?"
Me (thought of it cause I was trying to study and the internet is distracting and never-ending)  (via palaceinthesun)
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Anonymous asked: Tips to find a cheap apartment for UofT student?


craigslist/find people to live with/or search websites for apartments/roommates

— 1 year ago
Anonymous asked: Hey can you explain what "active" in terms of subjct posts on rosi means? I applied for a physics speiaalsit but i didnt actually accept it and it says active


It just means its an active post, meaning that you can accept it once the accept option is available. Usually with subject posts where they have to accept you into it, theres a time limit for you to accept. 

— 1 year ago
Anonymous asked: Hi I just have a question on breadth requirements. I saw somewhere that the required courses also satisfy BR. So if I'm taking Bio for a full year as a required course, will that already satisfy BR 4 and I can just take other courses to fill my schedule?


yes. required courses can fulfill breadth reqs. There’s not really a specific way to fulfill breadth reqs. its what you want to and can take

— 1 year ago
Anonymous asked: Hey! Just wondering, and not in an offensive way, but I'm just wondering what the ethnicity mix is like on UC res? As a white girl, I feel like i'll be a minority on res, haha not in a bad way at all! It's just different when you come from a whiter high school, but I'm excited to finally be with diversity.


um. i’d say uoft t seems like a half white/half-asain school sometimes. but UC is pretty mixed from what I’ve seen around and compared to other campuses, which is good. 

— 1 year ago
Anonymous asked: About the A&S calendar, my college's registrar's office said that UofT stopped printing hardcopies of the calendar to save paper, so you might have to look online now for the courses and Subject Posts !


just google uoft calendar and you should find a link to it

here’s the first link that shows up:


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Anonymous asked: I got accepted at Woodsworth college... It pisses me off... I did not want to be in that college. I wanted to either be in Victoria, Trinity or University. Is it going to change much for my campus life?


Will you be living on campus? It may affect the people you hand out with if you’re living on the campus of your college but otherwise, if you’re a commuter or living off campus, then no

— 1 year ago