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Anonymous asked: FINALLY! This blog is my new favourite! Anyways, how is Rowell Jackman Hall, that's the residence I want in first year?


Rowell Jackman (RJ) has is a great res (residence) for upper year students who have already met people in their first year and want to live in an apartment together. For a first year, it can get lonely. It’s hard to socialize with people in RJ because there are no floor common rooms. Sometimes you don’t even know people lived on your floor until the end of the year or even later! 

Depending on who your suite-mates are, they can become your good friends or you might never speak to them. I had a good suite my first year, I got lucky but it can be hard to find out what’s going on sometimes. 

If you want quiet, your own kitchen and don’t want to share bathrooms with guys then this is for you.

But if you want something more social, I would recommend Burwash or MargAd (Margaret Addison). MargAd can also be noisy in certain areas, so choose wisely (although the people that I know and have met that lived there LOVE IT)

Another thing is, in RJ, you have to clean your own living space. In MargAd and in Upper Burwash, there are people who clean the floor bathrooms and kitchens.

Otherwise, try to really make connections during frosh week and in Burwash Dining Hall so you get to meet people and find out about parties and such because it can be hard to do that in RJ, especially for first year students. 

Also, there are weekly Vic pub nights where you can also meet people but make sure to go in the beginning of the year when everyone is new and getting to know each other!

Mostly, RJ is a place, like all places, that people like it or they don’t. It all depends on your experience and your viewpoint.

Hope that helps! 

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