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What to expect at the University of Toronto

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First Year Seminars

For the anon who asked about Montreal vs Toronto, what is everyone’s opinion on this who has experienced both places?

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The 7 Colleges at the University of Toronto

And their REPUTATIONS. This is by no means how it all is but this is the general outlook of each college and included is the general Hogwarts house representation as well. 

The big four: 

Trinity (Trin) aka “Slytherin” - pompous and proud is the reputation of this school. It’s also known to be very secluded and exclusive in the sense that trin kids generally hang out with other trin kids. A relatively small school in terms of the number of people. Trin is known for having the poli-sci, IR (International Relations) and other pre-law related studies and students for the most part. Very competitive. And the hardest to get into. It has to be your first choice and there’s a grade requirement. Which is why many trin students may have an air of superiority to them. They are considered to party hard though it may be hard to find someone to get you in. 

It is one of the prettier colleges with a very exquisite quad though it has a bit of a colder and more formal feel to it. 

It is said to have mostly girls and gay guys. Gay guys being = lots of hipsters. It’s a hipster mecca. (And many turn out to be gay)

Victoria (Vic) aka “Ravenclaw” - the pride and glory of UofT. All the best (or rather the more known) people come from Vic. Vic is generally a humanities campus and has many humanties students. Many people at vic are english orientated because it has a great english program. 

Vic people also end up generally hanging out with other Vic people because students get caught up in the bubble especially if they live on campus.

It is one of the prettiest colleges on campus with old architecture, the beautiful Isabel Bader theatre and lovely open quad that is redone every year to be green after the winter has dried out the nature. You can see many students lounging about, playing or even dogs running around here.

This is another big hipster center. A roughly 75% girl filled college, Vic is known to have the pretty ladies. It is a generally mixed-ish school with mostly white people.

University (UC) aka “Gryffindor” - UC is a large college right in the center of campus. It’s a party hub and generally has a mix of people and programs. It has one of the most amount of students. UC is considered a friendly-ish school because of the larger amount of people so a variety of people from other colleges may socialize here. And is also supposedly has good-looking guys. 

The rest are the “Hufflepuffs

St. Michael’s (St Mike’s) - Known for being a Christian and heavily Italian-filled school, it is also known as a party school. Probably the party school. This is where you find the club nights and the skeezy parties. 

And the rest:

Woodsworth - A relatively small college. A big program for this college is Criminology. It is known to have the nicest residences to live in. Little is known about this college. 

Innis - Another small school. They generally have their pub nights at a Fox and the Fiddle on Wellesley Ave. It’s a small community type school. One of the smallest schools and student body on campus. Not known for having the good-looking guys. Girl status: unknown. 

New - New is named so because it is a relatively new college. This college is mostly filled with the asian variety of students. New students are stereotyped as mostly phys-ed kids. As they have their own gym and are located right next to the Athletic Center (the AC). New is fairly new and not considered the better looking of the colleges, having very modern and box-like structures. This would also be where many of the life science kids are also located. 

This is by no means a specific interpretation. Many fields of students are spread out over each of the colleges. Specific colleges may have more specific fields but for the most part, many of the science, engineer, humanites, commerce students are spread out in which college they decide to be part of or associated with. 

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King’s College Circle, University of Toronto St. George

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Anonymous asked: If i have back to back exams can I ask for someone to change it?



The only way you are allowed to change your exam schedule is if there is a conflict or if you have 3 in a row in the same day. 

So if you have two exams that are supposed to be at the same time, you will take them consecutively (one after the other). 

If you have a conflict OR three in a row, then you can talk to the main exam office about it to change/fix it. 

It’s all in the exam policy which will be posted once it’s released

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Important Dates FALL 2012

(Not including one-day holidays when the university is closed but dates important to classes and breaks)

August 9

  • When priority enrolment ends 
  • When students will be allowed to add a 6th credit/6th class

August 21

  • Minimum tuition fees must be paid/deferred by this date to register for classes (otherwise you won’t be enrolled in classes)

September 16

  • Waitlist period ends for F and Y classes

September 23

  • Last day to add an F or Y class
  • Last day to enrol in a Subject Post

October 12

  • Fall semester - December 2012 Exam schedule released

November 4

  • Last day to drop an F course

November 10-13

  • Fall break

December 4

  • Classes end

December 10-21


December 21

  • Last day to have an F/Y exam
  • Winter break begins

January 7

  • Winter break ends
  • Classes begin
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TLS questions

I got lots of questions about TLS so I’m just going to answer them in one TLS post

Firstly - TLS is not associated with UOFT. It is a separate organization that has review seminars for the different tests/midterms/exams/finals for a life science class. The seminars are usually about 4 hours and can be from one day at a time to three days in a row. 

There is a cost for each seminar you take. Normally around the $40 range. 

Having said that, here are some anon TLS questions

What courses did you select for TLS?

  • I did chm138
Do the costs for TLS increase depneding the more courses I select?
  • yes, each seminar costs money. There is no “unlimited deal” and TLS is not free
Do you think TLS helped you get better grades and understand the material a lot better?
  • I think it helped with a good chunk of understanding the material but I can’t say if it was better than lecture or not because I tend to zone out in lecture. You definitely have to study what they teach you in TLS.
    I took it because I hadn’t paid attention in class for a few weeks and knew I wouldn’t understand within a week what I needed to know for my exam - so if that’s the case, it’s good, especially if it’s a tough class, it can clear things up 
how much does TLS cost approx.?
  • About $40 per session I believe, but you can go to their website for more information 

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Anonymous asked: Is there a large number of international students at U of T? I'm a military child overseas, but living in Toronto has always been my dream. Also do they offer scholarships for international students?


Yes I feel like half the students at UofT are international students (or have citizenship in Canada but live somewhere else)

And yes I believe they do. Just go to the UofT scholarships website and see what fits you. 

Also there are normally miltary-related scholarships too, if your parents or if you serve

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Anonymous asked: Okay so I'm going into my second year at U of T and I know that we need to choose our subject POSts and our schedule's in the next week. The issue that I'm having is that I only got accepted into one major and one minor. Does this mean that I am not able to enroll?


Enrol for courses? 

No, you should still be able to enrol. You can either sign up for a type 1 major, or try to get into the second round of majors and see if you can get in. You can still sign up for classes that would be in your prospective major, but you just aren’t in the major.

I’m certain you can still enrol in classes. You can sign up for subject posts each summer

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm starting uni in the fall & will be at UofT (Mississauga campus). However, I hope to go to pharmacy school at the St. George campus after 2nd year. Can you give me any helpful tips for getting in? Do you know the exact entering cGPAs and PCAT scores? I can't really seem to find anything detailed online to help me out. Thanks in advance!


All I’ve heard is that your cumulative gpa to get in has be at least 3.3

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. Ask your registrar!

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